Power BI

Головна 5 Power BI

Power BI

Connect to all your organization’s IT services and create a single talking decision center built on data, that will be updated automatically and automatically at least every hour 

Power BI Desktop

Thanks to Power BI Desktop you can connect to any data source, create a model and download it to Microsoft 365 

Financial Data 

Dynamics, SAP, IBM, State Bank Data, exchange rates – no such data and IT services that cannot be connected using Power BI 

Create a financial model for your company, connect artificial intelligence, and let Power BI work for you 

Project Reports 

Connect to Project Online and generate reports on portfolios, programs, and projects 

Create standardized project reports and forget about manually generating project reports in PowerPoint 

Power BI + Visio

Thanks to the integration of Power BI + Visio, you can create reports on construction projects on floors and apartments and show your customers analytics on repair or construction 

Power BI Mobile

Enjoy reports on any mobile application of any platform from anywhere in the world at any second of your life 

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